From Master Teacher, Healer, and Teacher of Teachers – Starr Fuentes:

“Kandis’s Watsu session is a healing full experience. It aligns the subtle bodies. It nurtures the nadis and as a result, your feelings, thoughts, and soul end up in alignment.”

Comments from Watsu® Clients

One WordPhysical:Stress reduction, relaxation:Emotional:Spiritual:Combinations:
  • Amazing
  • Healing
  • Freeing
  • Awesome
  • Excellent
  • Exquisite
  • Blissful
  • Divine
  • Spiritual
  • Wow

“Each vertebra decompressed. Very, very wonderful!” E.D. ~ Houston, TX

“I increased awareness of body areas stiff with restricted movement, and had resolution of pain and stiffness, freedom of restrictions, relaxing and attitude adjustment.” B.Y. ~ 8/29/99

“That may be the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever had. I’ve had lots of GOOD massage. This was the most relaxing.” J.D. ~ Austin, TX “

That was the best bodywork I have ever had. _H. ~ Houston, TX

“I felt very relaxed and comforted. I felt both physical and energetic releases. I felt very supported, cared for, and secure.” J.K. ~ Round Rock, TX. ~ 09/16/99

“What a relaxing treat! I love being in the water…I think I “let go” of both physical and mental stress so much more quickly than in a massage “on land”. E.W. ~ Austin, TX ~ 09/12/99

“It was wonderful and relaxing. I felt like I was floating to the point of weightlessness.” T.T. ~ Snyder, TX ~ 07/18/99

“I realized I could totally trust the therapist. By the time it was over, I felt as if I was waking from a restful sleep. I was totally relaxed.” B.D. ~ Harbin Hot Springs, CA ~ 8/05/99

Wonderful. Felt more peaceful after the session. Better emotional balance. Physical body feels more free and better energy flow. “ J.G. ~ Round Rock, TX Mental:

“It was wonderful. I was able to shut down (the mind chatter, as well as fear) several times and for quite a while.” J.G. ~ 08/10/99

“Felt like you were dancing with my soul.” J.D. ~ Austin, TX

“I have never been that still.” L.E. ~ Austin TX. “That was other worldly.” K.E. ~ Austin, TX.

“Thank you for your healing and facilitating the Divine Spirit of the Blue Stars. God Bless You.” J.C. ~06/08

“What a wonderful journey. What A Journey! Wonderful!” R. CH.

“It was a wonderful experience. I felt very safe in your arms and I was able to float between the worlds.” K.S. ~ Cobb, CA ~ 06/20/2000

“It was incredible. I went through several experiences of feeling like I was floating in space , to feeling like I was hurtling through space. At that point, I had an out of body experience while at the same time being very conscious of my body. At other times, I felt like I was in the womb or my mother’s arms as a baby. I felt very nurtured and safe.” L.T. ~ Pflugerville, TX ~ 08/17/99

“Freedom of movement to the point I was one with the water. C. B. ~ Georgetown, TX ~ 08/31/99 “I am not afraid: I will not die of this cancer.” D.B. ~ unknown ~ 07/26/2006

“Wow ! What a free experience ! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me. The cleansing of my grief has opened my heart to receive more in my journey.” J McF ~ Sonoma, CA

“That was rather remarkable! “ R.R.~ Pleasant Rock ,MI.

“Thank you Kandis. I needed the healing more than any other time in my life. As you did your work, I saw Turquoise and Blue in my mind’s eye. Excellent! “ G.O. ~ San Antonio, TX.

“That was great. That was all about TRUST. I felt like I was a little girl. It was fun. It was like dancing in the water. I felt so free. Awesome.” J.B. ~Austin, TX. ~ 1904

“…would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a quality practitioner who transmits warmth, nurturing, and security through her very gifted healing therapy. I was absolutely suspended in a wonderful place for the whole massage, and had released several layers while my body let go and each vertebra decompressed.” E.D. ~ Houston, TX

“Very relaxing and meditative experience, felt much looser physically after.” J.H. ~Middletown, CA ~ 09/14/99

“Total relaxation, freedom from pain, tingling (asleep) links, mind free to float, spiritual”. B.L. Georgetown, TX ~ 08/31/99