“Kandis Hill is a supremely skilled aquatic therapist, a superb teacher, and a devoted mentor.

In Kandis’ amazing, aquatically guided hands, my body was able to achieve an astonishing level of pain release that blew all other therapies over 30+ years out of the water 🙂

As a teacher, Kandis exhibits the qualities that true teachers aspire to: she ignites the mind, hearts, and souls of her learners to learn more and, more importantly, to be more.

As a mentor, Kandis demonstrates extraordinarily professional and emotional generosity by staying connected with her learners and sharing an impressive array of resources for lifelong learning.

The net result of my experiences with Kandis have been nothing short of life changing: transformational change in all aspects of who I am ~ my body, my career, and my life.”

M.K. , PhD, OTR  ~ Houston, Tx    5/19/2011