How to schedule a session: Call Kandis Hill, 512-496-1833

Availability: 7 days a week, 10am – 8pm

Length of Sessions: One Hour

Location: Deer Creek Sanctuary, 140 Deer Creek West, Pipe Creek, TX  78063 (MAP)

Fee: $95.00, First time, $70 (save $25)

OR Discount for Frequent Floater ~ based on pre-payment: 3 ~ one hour $255.00 you can save a total of $30

Payment: PayPal (use button below) or pay by cash, check or Visa, Mastercard or Discover at time of session.


“What does a session look like?”

Watsu is much like a private session for massage therapy. You will fill out an intake form for your practitioner and verbally discuss any details or ask or answer additional questions , as well as complete your payment for this session. Then, you will go into the dressing room to change into your swim suit and shower. (bring your towel to the pool area). When you both get into the pool, your practitioner will explain what to expect during your session and show you how and where your session will end.

More on what is a session like…

In a session, you are held, floated, folded, and stretched. You may experience moments of stillness, as well as dynamic movement and suspension. In this warm water, gentle yet deep stretches help with release of muscular tension, and release of long held patterns of tension and pain. Be gently moved through warm water in graceful fluid movements. Every muscle, tendon, and ligament…each joint…including the spine is free to move and articulate in ways impossible on land. Experience the feeling of being weightless, while being safely supported by the water and your practitioner. Being immersed in warm water is an invitation for the entire body to relax and harmonize itself. It is not unusual to experience a non-ordinary state of being, similar to meditation. A sense of deep relaxation, inner awareness, and calm peace is possible, allowing for restoration and a renewed sense of wellbeing. A session may affect more than just the physical body, it may affect all the bodies, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Each session is unique to each client’s needs of the moment and each person’s experience is different.